Are you a business owner?

Do you want to launch or expand your business but don't know where to start?

Do you wish you knew what was holding you back?

Thank you for your interest in my Business Solutions - the best way for me to help you! 

This is a month-to-month signup form, and in the signup form you will see the entire range of services that are provided. Depending on your needs, fee is varied and you'll have to get a final price for me on the phone.

How I Can Serve Your Business

  • --Setup and Manage Your Social Media Accounts To Attract Followers (and Buyers!)
  • --Create Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Business
  • --Online Course Creation for Your Product Or Service
  • --Cross-Cultural Marketing Both Here and Abroad
  • --Strategic Advice For Your Business and Customer Support
  • --Virtual Email Assistance and Outbound Calls To Customers
  • --Develop sales and marketing approaches for existing customers based on knowledge of the customer, preferences and style.
  • - Market new products and services at the time of established product delivery
  • - Identify prospective customers through the assigned customer base and call new clients

You will receive a PayPal Invoice so we can begin working together!