You've worked so hard. You've tried everything, and you know you deserve more.

Maybe you've made a bit of money, but deep down something is telling you that you need a better strategy and business model.  You have dreams of building your empire, but you're realizing you lack the resources and tools to get to the next level.

You see others not as smart as you get more opportunities than you, and you don't know why.

You're wish those opportunities would come your way too. Sometimes it feels unfair. 

You want success, but you don't want to keep breaking your back for it.

I have wonderful news for you, there is a better and smarter way.  I once heard a wise man say:

If you’re working too hard, you’re doing something wrong.
This is the Information Age, not the Industrial Age.

Hi, I'm Lillian.

When I'm not running my own business, I help new entrepreneurs just like you find the right strategy to grow their business, so that they can get that first client and see what life has to offer.  

Fluent in Mandarin, I started my first profitable business on the streets of Beijing and learned valuable lessons in the process, both online and offline. I use my global experience and secret strategies to help my clients get on the fast track to the life and career they deserve. 

Imagine finally earning an income with ease and having the time to spend with your loved ones.

To learn more about how I can help you, simply click on the link below.  

My past clients have booked formal strategy sessions with me to:

  • Leverage my Chinese/English bilingual skills to help interpret/translate with their current and/or potential Chinese manufacturers and partners - simply book me at the same time of your meeting
  • Assist them in negotiating deals and contracts as an independent third party
  • Learn how to utilize Alibaba, AliExpress, and all of China's robust social media/digital platforms to market your product in lightning speed
  • Help with drafting Chinese contracts and connecting your with Chinese buyers, partners, and legal assistants who can give you valuable tips, help you secure funding, and give you tips on your strategy
  • Identify marketing strategies that would be better suited for their product or service
  • Re-brand their online and social media presence in China, including highly effective tips on paid and organic marketing
  • Learn how to leverage online publications, magazines, and television to get connected to get more nationwide exposure for your product or service
  • And the list goes on and on and on!

So, are you ready to take your dreams and turn them into reality?

Do you wish you had someone to make sure you get on the right track?

I learned a lot about business and want to share these top secrets with people who understand that you need an accountability partner, coach, or mentor to help you get to the next level.  

What helped you get HERE, will not help you get THERE.  You'll need to learn new strategies. 

My 1-on-1 coaching sessions are for motivated individuals.  I provide you with specific steps and strategies for you to make money doing what you love!

1-on-1 Business Strategy With Lillian

                            From my heart to yours,