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Hi, I'm Lillian Okoye, a business strategist, consultant, and teacher at heart.

Years ago, I found myself in debt. Nothing seemed to work. Then one night I found myself in Manhattan’s Chinatown, and I remember a Chinese friend looking at me saying, “Lillian, If you love China, you should go back. Just go.” Before that I had worked tons of different jobs, including international schools in Beijing, and I had always wanted to get back into education in China.

I was hiding behind what I really wanted to do. It was clear that I should be on a different path, but why didn’t I have the courage to take the leap? What was stopping me? Fear. Fear of not knowing what would happen if I went abroad. Fear, because I had no mentor to guide me along a bulletproof career path. Fear, because there was no one who had gone down the same exact footsteps I attempted to go on. I had no mentor. I had to go it alone. Plus, no safety net.

The next day, I jotted down my business plan on a napkin in Chinatown. A few days later, I texted my friends, “Hey, I’m leaving this town. Catch me on your next Asia trip.” Sure, I felt a bit of uncertainty about what was to come, but I felt confident enough in my abilities. I knew I really wanted to start my own small business in China, and so I planned to do everything in my power to make it work. After all, I spoke Mandarin fluently, so what was I to be afraid of?

In 2014, I boarded a one-way flight alone to China’s capital. I registered my own business in Beijing. I used my Chinese language skills to turn strangers into clients. I struck it out on my own. I used my bilingual skills to negotiate and sign contracts in Chinese. Soon enough, I realized the real language I was speaking wasn’t Chinese, but the language of trust. I shared no cultural, religious, ethnic, or national ties with any single client, but trust was there. This changed my entire perspective on life. Yes, there was a language barrier a times. But, the language of trust was what I was really speaking.

Within two years, I paid off my student loan debt and I never looked back.

Maybe you, too, want real change, but you don't know where to start, or you're surrounded by people who don't want you to succeed. Well, I'm here to tell you that you can succeed.

I spent years learning how to finally pay off bad debt. Now I want to share my gems of advice for the people who need it most.

I was there too. It was a really bad place to be in.

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“Lillian delivered an AMAZING product.  The China Business Bootcamp really helps people understand the business landscape from an entrepreneurial perspective. She executed everything really well.  She under promised and over delivered, and it made all the difference.  The program took some very important business marketing principles and placed them in very simple, yet effective terms.  That was amazing.  Plus, learning about the HUGE market potential of my industry here in China from her program and then to see it for myself upon arrival was very powerful.”
— Brandon Chenier
‘For me, the China Business Bootcamp gave me more insight into how to start my online business and also how to really leverage Alibaba!” 
— Doris Bond-Kyles


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