Lillian Okoye is the CEO/Founder of Fluent In Five, and if there's one thing she loves, it's helping people go from zero to fluent in a language. With an interest in Asia, she started learning Mandarin in 2005 while studying in college in New York City. She started her China expat entrepreneurial journey in 2014 when she sold language training programs in Beijing to a 100% Chinese clientele who sought her expertise to go from zero to fluent in English. Her Beijing-based clients initially could only speak to her in Chinese, but achieved rapid transformation after completing her China-based zero to fluent programs.

With keen insight into acquiring and mastering a foreign language fast, she is passionate about helping people with language acquisition and seeks to empower and inspire the future generation of global leaders who want to become multilingual fast. Fluent In Five's Zero To Fluent transformational programs help people get fluent fast. Her work has inspired several hundreds of individuals achieve their language dreams of going from zero to fluent.

Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Madame Noire, China Daily, and several television shows in China broadcasted live to millions of viewers. In 2008, she was the grand champion of a Chinese-language competition aired live to television to millions of Chinese viewers. She won the title of the Chinese Bridge Award, one of the highest honors that a non-native Chinese speaker can win in the People's Republic of China. She received her bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies with a concentration in Chinese modern history from Columbia University in New York City.